Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dance Break 2011

Dance Break 2011 

This week, it all seems to do with dance. And I am not mad about it.

Spent the day yesterday at Dance Break. It is a showcase for musical theatre choreographers that have not had their work on Broadway or off-Broadway. Six choreographers present two pieces each. The opportunities are great as I have had several clients and friends present and seen some amazing things happen to them.

What really excited me, though, is the absolute community feel at these events. You get to catch up with folks you haven't seen, reminisce and otherwise enjoy being part of the NYC theatrical community. Plus, I got to meet one of my favorite directors, Gabe Barre. He is truly one of the smartest directors and it was such an honor to get to meet him.

Days like that really make me so proud to do what I do!!

Check out more about Dance Break here - www.dancebreak.org

PS - The Fosse class is set for this Sunday, March 6th in NYC. Email fosseclassrsvp@gmail.com for more details!!

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