Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And, here we go!

Everything's coming up blogging. No, seriously, it is. And after reading so many blogs about people's daily adventures from their dates to the shoes they bought, I decided it was time to let my blog bloom.

Today was all about Fosse. They are bringing back Dancin' at the Roundabout and the majority of my day focused on the upcoming show at Studio 54. Graciela Daniele is directing (yaay) and Kathryn Doby is in charge of resetting the choreography (double yaay). But, what dawned on me is that most dancers are about a generation away from actually learning Fosse style and repertoire from a true source. Sure, everyone has turned their feet in and nodded their head to the beat, but that ain't it, kid. (Yes, a Bennett reference in a Fosse post.) I needed to work on getting a real Fosse source to try and do some master classes. It would help my clients prepare and really enhance the integrity of the process for the production. Stay tuned for details to follow.

Check out this amazing clip from the original Dancin' commercial in 1978. It will be great to have a dance show back on Broadway!!
Dancin' Broadway commercial

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